Its not the same – thank goodness!

Last week I joined the Cafe Sketchers in London on one of their visits to the Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall to drink tea, eat homemade cake, drink a little more tea and do a little gentle sketching.  In my last Post ‘Too pretty to eat?’ I mentioned the word homogeneous and if it weren’t so difficult to spell I might have used it again in this Post, however, if you are bored by the sameness of the typical modern high street, then this is the place for you.

Housed in an old Victorian pub, it is a tea house by day and an art house by night; and it is pleasingly bonkers.

Entrance to the Tea House by KnitNell

All manner of random vintage items are displayed around the room but why the bike above the entrance?

I am told there is the occasional tea dance held here which must be fascinating as the room isn’t huge and there are pillars to negotiate, never mind the furniture. I presume the cakes – oozingly plumptious under their transparent domes – are removed, as during the day they are kept on tables and slowly moved around the room as the afternoon progresses.

Tea House Theatre, pen and watercolour by KnitNell

A different cake is placed on each table with a central table hosting the rest – happy day!

Coffee is not served, this being a Tea House, and the serving and sipping of exquisite tea is a reverential business.  High, Low and Cream Teas are served as well as sandwiches stuffed like old-fashioned armchairs and so tall as to make one swoon.  The Tea House has a policy of welcoming their customers to relax and stay as long as they want, which is probably wise as no one should think of running after a meal there.

As we sketched, Petra Esta Kahle played her Spanish guitar in the corner.  It was a slice of heaven.

Cheers, until next time.  KnitNell

7 thoughts on “Its not the same – thank goodness!

    • Ah lovely. Glad you enjoyed reading it Rosie. If more people hunt out and frequent independent tearooms, cafes, shops, pubs etc then the more interesting our towns become. Chains do have their role but boy it gets boring looking at the same shopfronts in every town!

      • I particularly like Ruskins near the British Museum, not for from Cornellison’s art supplies. 3 of my favourite places in London all within a couple of minutes of each other.

      • Oh ho – I feel a mission coming on – Ruskins – I must check it out! I am often in the Bloomsbury area, such a great place to walk around – and then drink tea ….. Thank you for the recommendation Rosie.

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