How do you grow a grower?

Just when you think it is safe to live, a new study is published saying that eating a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is not enough; the minimum portions needed to be healthy is now seven.  I love my greens – and reds, oranges, lemons etc but seven seems a lot to pack into one day. And it’s little comfort when we are told that due to modern practices in large-scale farming plus the effects of transportation and storage, the produce we eat is severely depleted in nutrients.

Thankfully I was stopped in my tracks before I headed to the shops on a quest to bulk-buy a pantry-load of mineral and vitamin pills.

Family of carrots by KnitNell

Sketch from my messy sketchbook – a family of carrots picked at FLF – not the shape you normally find in the supermarkets …. nor the taste!

I have mentioned, previously on this blog, that I volunteer for  Farnham Local Food Cooperative and each Saturday the members of this Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) buy a portion of the harvest.  All the vegetables and fruit are grown organically and the soil is rich with natural feed (compost from horse droppings, comfrey and clover for example), transportation is ten minutes to my kitchen and usually the carrots get eaten before they get to the fridge.  Ha! I feel healthy just looking at my Share.

This month a crowd-funding campaign called Grow a Grower has just started in order to raise money to fund an Assistant Grower.  Picking caterpillars off cabbages is far, far more expensive, labour-wise, than spraying them with pesticides, so any help and donations would be eagerly accepted by FLF.  If you go on the link, before the beginning of May, you will see a rather lovely video and a brief shot of me presumably trying to find the gear level on the wheelbarrow …..

Cheers until next time KnitNell

9 thoughts on “How do you grow a grower?

  1. There is nothing quite as satisfying as being able to harvest your own veggies all through the summer (winter is a bit more of a challenge!). I think your carrot sketch is excellent!

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