Blog award for KnitNell…great start to 2013!

Ah what a lovely start to 2013 – a nomination from The Crafty Pioneer for the One Lovely Blog/Very Inspiring Blogger Awards.   Not sure why it is named twice (so good…dum di dum) but I am relieved that I am considered worthy of ‘keeping the blogisphere a beautiful place’.

One Lovely Blog Award
very Inspiring Blog Award

So thank you Sue of thecraftypioneer for thinking of me.

I am honoured that Sue can take time to dip into my blog despite the fact that she is so busy with craft groups, charity work, patchwork, quilting and so on.  Sue is a Londoner now living in Australia and it is lovely to see the photographs of the area where she gathers with her friends and I marvelled (for some considerable time I am embarrassed to say) at the lovely sunny days they were enjoying – in every photo?

OK … finally twigged……different Cheltenham …

I am intrigued by Sue’s  Post entitled ‘New Year’s Resolutions (Doompocalype Redux)’.   If she carries out her ‘Number 1. Resolve to Reduce resolution’  I think she owes it to her readers to explain, in great detail, how she managed it;  particularly with regards to stash.

Ah but wait – the nomination comes with rules.  Yep, I should be able to carry them out….. as follows:

The Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.
3. Share 7 things about yourself.
4. Pass the award on to 10 nominees.
5. Include this set of rules.
6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.

Seven things about me:

1.  I could live happily without a TV but not without a radio.

2.  After much international travelling, London is still my preferred holiday destination.

3.  I have poor face recognition memory – something that infuriates me.

4.  I can write with both hands, and, when bored,  both at the same time.  So far I have found no use whatsoever for this ability and I would like to swap it for a better 3. above.  Please.

5.  I love living in the present day.   Izal toilet paper?  Smoke-filled buses?  No cash until the banks open? Public telephone booths?   Nah, you can keep the ‘good old days’.

6.  I  hate the smell of bacon.

7.  I love the smell of airing cupboards.

Here are my nominees for the award:

The ‘Love What You Wear’ Project Morwhenna sent out a challenge saying: “From the 01 November 2012 – 01 November 2013 I won’t buy any new clothes (with the exception of shoes and undergarments!) When I need something – I’ll either make it, re-purpose what I have or buy secondhand. Why not come and join me and take part too?

I took up the (used) gauntlet and joined Morwhenna’s gang – although I hope to be more pro-active this year.  I did, however, make all my Christmas presents including this apron for The Poff.

Macho men wear aprons...

Suitable attire for working in the ‘Man Cave’

You can’t hide the spark.   A very touching and thought-provoking site.  I have recommended it to those that have given up office life and decided to go it alone and follow their dreams.  I particularly enjoyed the Post (22 Aug 2012)  ‘Meditation – an unexpected benefit’.  Lovely honesty!

The Art and Mind of dbc   David is the D of dbc and is an artist based in Central Texas, USA.   I always look forward to seeing his new sketches – usually people sitting or standing in the streets – always captured beautifully by his skilful pen.  I would recommend this site for those who are looking for inspiration, painting techniques and information regarding new art products on the market.

La Culinari are four friends who like food, drink  (I notice the drinks’ cabinet gets pilfered in the pursuit of fine dining) and good company.  They meet up occasionally to cook and chat and the blog is the record of their meetings. They support local food and producers and are based somewhere here in Farnham UK.  I used their recipe for mincemeat this Christmas – I have never made it before and it tasted great.

The Good Life in Practice is a lovely gentle blog about small-holdings, self-sufficiency, cookery, crafting, chickens and cats.  Set in Switzerland and occasionally the UK.  If you ever wondered how to make Mangel-Wurzel Beet wine  then this is the blog for you.

iMake is written by Martine who is based in Guernsey.  Her Posts are frequent, lively and fun and I will let her describe what she does: – ‘maker of stuff, writer, podcaster, blogger, social networker, knitter, geek, wannabe domestic goddess, multi-crafter, teacher, singer and occasional G n’ T drinker’.  Phew, how does she get the time?

Streetcolor is an anonymous blogger who is assisted by The Russian in Berkeley Ca, USA.  Streetcolor documents  yarnbombing or, as it is sometimes known, crochet and knit graffiti art around the world.  The photographs on the blog are gorgeous.

 Sweetmyrtle is a gentle, inspiring blog with loads of photographs of  nature and every-day pleasures plus musings on crafts, art and textiles.  Lovely to dip into at the end of the day for a treat with a cup of coffee.

Whodunnknit is the blog by Deadly Knitshade who is on a mission to share the woolly love.  She describes her blog as follows:  ‘Kooky little knits, words and pix’.  It is fast-paced, fun, and quirky and includes some good causes – look out for her bonkers beanies that were designed for St Mungo’s woolly hat day.

I would like to mention Thestitchsharer as her step by step photo instructions for knitting and crocheting are excellent – however she is so good I notice she accepted a blog award at the end of last year so this is just a mention on my part.  Also just a mention for Jane Brocket of Yarnstorm, a long time favourite blog of mine, a delight to read however now Jane prefers visitors just to read rather than leave comments.

Thank you for reading this.  KN

14 thoughts on “Blog award for KnitNell…great start to 2013!

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination! That’s really sweet of you. You have a lovely blog too:-) I’ll take a proper look at the rules this weekend!


    • Lovely – thanks Martine – I don’t know where you get the time to do all the things you write about on your blog. I loved the Halloween yarn bombing pictures last year. This year I hope to hear that some of the creations in the trees are yours! cheers KN

  2. Congrats on your nomination! I said before that your Blog is really interesting, amusing and quirky, and the drawings so refreshing in this
    computer age. R x

  3. hi Eleanor,
    thank you for the nomination too : ) loving the poff apron! i also liked you comment on my patching post. i agree, darned stitches look good enough to frame! there is an artsit whose work you may like.. can’t think of her name right now but ask me on thursday G x

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