Goodbye 2013 and goodbye Molly

Molly joined us in the Summer of 2001; a time before Facebook and WordPress, before William met Kate, before 9/11, before London hosted the Olympic Games and when The Poff had hair and mine was lengthy.  It seems such a long, long time ago.

Family Portrait embroidery by Linda Miller

The Family Portrait – me, The Poff & Molly, beautiful embroidery by Linda Miller

‘Avice Classy Claudia’

15 May 2001 to 24 Dec 2013


Molly, Molls, Hairy Bear, Pumpkin, Monster Dog, Sweetpea, Hairy Mary (? it rhymed), Molly Polly, Molly Poo and Fart Bum (? yeeeees).

Molly was almost impossible to draw as she fidgeted when being watched, however as a sketching companion in the park or the pub she had the patience of Job.  It will feel terribly lonely for the next few weeks.

Scribbled biro sketch of Molly by KnitNell

Scribbled biro sketch of Molly July 2013.

A big thank you to the Everills who provided us with the healthiest, happiest, good natured puppy and who loved Molly until the end.  We could not have found better dog breeders.

Thank you to Geoff and the staff at Fleet Ashworth Veterinary Group who were wonderful these last 12 and more years.  If a consistently healthy dog is a vet’s nightmare you never showed it!

And a thank you to all the groomers over the years, including Suzi of Bark Avenue, who grappled with a 7st hairy monster who loved the outdoors enough to carry it around with her.

And here’s looking to 2014, a new year.  KN


16 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013 and goodbye Molly

    • Thank you for your kind comment Rosie. We had a good cry on Christmas Eve/Day but that was for ourselves. Molly had a fabulous life and lived to a ripe old age – as she was such a big breed we knew we were on borrowed time once she had passed her 11th birthday. We are left with wonderful memories. Cheers E

  1. They do become part of the family. Our Rocky is almost 12, the longest I’ve ever had a dog by two years. They fill the years they our with us, though, with so much love. Sounds like your Molly was very special.

    • Lovely to hear from you Karen, thank you for popping by. You are so right they do fill our homes with love. Molly was a big girl, with a big presence – the house has lost a heart beat. Fond memories.

  2. Hope you are both getting by Eleanor! So sad, I know, the house is so empty.
    It was so lovely to see you on Boxing Day, thank you, I really enjoyed myself.
    Thanks for replying re the afternoon tea. I had tried Tynley Hall but it was full – another time. Lots of love and see you at FLF. Happy New Year. xxxxx

    • Thanks Sorrel – lovely to see you over Christmas, it helped to cheer us up. Sammy our friend’s dog has been around a couple of times for ‘hug therapy’. We have wonderful friends. xxx

  3. Pets definitely become part of the family – or part of the heartbeat of the house, as you put it. I’m so sorry to hear about this sadness – but such lovely embroidery, pencil lines and words about Molly show a very loved and loving dog – and that warmth doesn’t go away, I think.

    • Hi Beastlyworlds – thank you for your kind words. We do have a house full of pictures and other artwork showing Molly – a true member of our family.

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