Lights, camera, cable …..

Bunting in watercolour

As well as sketching I do love a bit of embroidery and machine stitching.  I can spend hours making marks and patterns with cotton thread, playing with textures and stabbing myself with needles.  So why is it that I have a small mountain of knits and crocheted squares waiting to be sewn up?  Why do I groan when I should be thrilled at the completion of a knitted garment?  Its because I know that I now have to sew the whole thing together and the item cannot be worn until I have done so. 

This month I completed two cable scarves and I am now on my third, another cable.  I do love wearing scarves as they can quickly brighten up a rather dull, usually black, outfit, and they are finished when they are finished – no sewing.

Last weekend was Unravel – the yarn festival held at the Farnham Maltings in Surrey.  I attended the ‘Click one, Purl One: Beginner’s photography workshop run by Louise Walker (Louise is a knitting blogger and commercial photographer and she also knits fabulous animal heads and wigs – see more details here).  The workshop was to help those who upload images on-line, such as bloggers like myself, who want to improve their photos.

I took along my new scarves and the following photos are two of many taken during the workshop: –

Pink scarf photo by KnitNell

Above is the new pink cable scarf, a bluey pink so not too girly…. and below is the manly grey scarf for The Poff, with added fringe for whisk factor.

Grey scarf

Perhaps my photos still need a bit of tweaking but its a start and I think they are certainly better than my usual offerings.  It was a great workshop, thoroughly enjoyable, and I took away some very useful advice – so lights, camera, action!

Until next time, KnitNell

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