Too pretty to eat?

Unable to put it off any longer I recently popped into a local supermarket to buy something to eat for the coming week.  I wandered up and down the aisles crammed full of food, a surprising amount on plastic trays double-wrapped in cardboard boxes, all promising amazing taste and health-giving properties.  I had started at the fresh fruit and veg section, where everything was neatly arranged in homogeneous heaps, with some fruit even cocooned in polystyrene trays before being sealed in plastic.  The supermarket smelled of nothing.  With a selection of thousands of items to choose from I finally decided that I didn’t fancy anything and stomped home with a box of washing powder and a litre of milk.

At the monthly Farmers’ Market I never leave with just two items, in fact I have great difficultly in not taking everything home with me – cheeses, breads, pies, punnets of tomatoes, strings of garlic and so on.  The air is always deliciously thick with the smell of food. The same goes for Farnham Local Food (FLF) where fortnightly the beautifully fresh-smelling vegetable harvest is joined by the Cracking Bread Company stall (all loaves made by Curzon that week), the Mill Farm Organic stall that sells its local beef, lamb and pork meat plus the Field Rations with its stall of dried fruit, flour and other store-cupboard staples. The whole ‘shopping experience’ is accompanied by the smell of homemade pizzas being cooked in the Cob oven close by.

Pencil drawing of cabbage by KnitNell

Cabbage carefully selected by Ginny & The Poff – too pretty to eat?

The only problem with the food from FLF is sometimes it feels that it is just too pretty to eat!

Cheers KnitNell

10 thoughts on “Too pretty to eat?

    • Hi Sue – thank you for your lovely comment. I am no botanical artist – I think you need a LOT of patience and a steady stream of coffee/tea to be successful. However I love drawing vegetables because they are so beautiful but it is often a race between eating and drawing ….. my model is beginning to wilt and I want to draw it again in colour but also I have a cabbage recipe I want to try….. Do you know Ann Swan’s work?- worth looking at if not – so fantastic.

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Why does EVERYTHING have to be wrapped in plastic to within an inch of its life nowadays? It drives me round the bend. In contrast, I always look forward to going to my local farmer’s market and I always come home with lots of mouth-watering goodies that look and smell gorgeous (and natural).

    • Good for you – keep it local!

      Is it my imagination or does organic fruit & veg in supermarkets really get wrapped up in plastic more than non- organic?

  2. Not sure if organic gets wrapped up in more plastic? I will have a look. Sometimes I give the check-out assistant the wrappers to put in their bin, e.g. Boxes around pizzas etc. I tear them off before putting in my recycled bag. I think if more of us started to do this, then maybe all the unnecessary wrapping might stop?

    • Good on you Sorrel! The best thing is to take our Morsbags to the local markets – it doesn’t matter if potatoes get mixed up with tomatoes and leeks in the same bag. Supermarkets have made food shopping too sterile.

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